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  • Rimik Technologies is a young company in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. By young we mean that we are a group of energetic, curious and committed minds who are excited about solving complex business problems, ethically. Conceived with a vision to leave behind a legacy of transformed people as an organization, we place a high emphasis on working in partnership with customers. Rimik Technologies is a company where every solution and service is based on innovation. Our wide range of services that we provide speak volumes about the skills we possess. Rimik Technologies; with a strong focus on data engineering services; Customer Journey Analytics Software intends to use its skills and bring a brand new approach to the industry. Here is a lowdown on the skills that we process- data Engineering Services, Integrations, Website Development, APIs Development, Mobile App Development.





    • 1. Expertise in Core Python. 2. Sound Knowledge of Web Frameworks (Flask, Django). 3. Good knowledge of versioning control system. 4. Front-End Technologies Knowledge. 5. The Ability of Integration. 6. Knowledge of User Authorization and Authentication. 7. Python Event-Driven programming. 8. Good Debugging and Unit Test Skills. 9. Database Schemas Creation Ability. 10. Logical Thinking Ability