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  • Rimik Technologies is a young company in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. By young we mean that we are a group of energetic, curious and committed minds who are excited about solving complex business problems, ethically. Conceived with a vision to leave behind a legacy of transformed people as an organization, we place a high emphasis on working in partnership with customers. Rimik Technologies is a company where every solution and service is based on innovation. Our wide range of services that we provide speak volumes about the skills we possess. Rimik Technologies; with a strong focus on data engineering services; Customer Journey Analytics Software intends to use its skills and bring a brand new approach to the industry. Here is a lowdown on the skills that we process- data Engineering Services, Integrations, Website Development, APIs Development, Mobile App Development.



    • As a Junior Python Developer at our company, you will: 1. Work with other developers. 2. Implement Python code with assistance from senior developers. 3. Write effective test cases such as unit tests to ensure it is meeting the software design requirements. 4. Ensure Python code when executed is efficient and well written. 5. Refactor old Python code to ensure it follows modern principles. 6. Liaise with stakeholders to understand the requirements. 7. Ensure integration can take place with front end systems. 8. Identify and fix code where bugs have been identified.


    • Our ideal Junior Python Developer will have: 1. The ability to problem-solve. 2. Fundamental understanding of Python and its frameworks. 3. Fast learner with an ability to adapt techniques based on requirements. 4. Knowledge of how to effectively test Python code. 5. Great communication and collaboration skills.


    • Fill the Registration Form from Apply Level 1-Candidates will appear for a technical assessment which will have 50 questions on the following:- * English ability * Critical thinking and Problem solving * Reasoning Level 2- Candidates who clear the first level technical assessment will have to write a basic program in Python. Level 3- Shortlisted candidates will appear for a face to face discussion with the management and HR. Level 4- Selected candidates will join us as interns who will be on the jobtraining.